2024/04/02 Updated beta version (1.50) of a what-if calculator for beta-2-microglobulin.

2024/01/21 Updated beta version (1.47) of a what-if calculator for beta-2-microglobulin.

2023/12/03 Uploaded a beta version of a what-if calculator for beta-2-microglobulin.

2022/08/27 Updated Phosphate Solver to correct a small convective clearance error (QF sign was reversed in the non-index dialysis treatments for both urea and phosphate). The correction results in a very slight change in clearance.

2022/06/22 Updated Phosphate Solver to include EUDIAL HDF equations, plus a number of housekeeping updates. Predialysis hematocrit is now an input.

2021/09/28 Moved K0A calculator from HDCN to here; Added PBED calculator.

2021/09/25 Added single-patient Kt/V calculator; Fixed maxdate from 2020 to 2025 in Solute Solver; Working on changing grapher from Flash to HTML5.

2019/06/26 Fixed unit conversion bug in phosphate solver when mmol is entered and PREPHOS is entered as 999.

2019/06/04 Fixed unit conversion bugs in creatine solver that were giving erroneous KrCr readings with urine input in micromol format; Fixed semicolon input mode for 996; urea: aligned row output for 996 mode.

2019/01/31 Changed the primary input and reporting variable of Phosphate Solver to estimated (or input) ingested phosphorus instead of absorbable phosphorus.

2018/02/08 Unhid Original stdKt/V calculation with compressed Kru in Solute Solver and Whatif-urea page-by-page output.

2017/10/15 Urea and creatinine solvers updated with new HDF predilution equations. Typo error in Creatinine Solver version 1.18 in computation of dialyzer in-vivo creatinine K0A corrected..

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